Elements of C Style

Notes on Programming Practices
  • More Purity
  • More Speed
  • More Correctness
Other notes on C programming
  • Style Snobbism
  • Your Friends, the Header Files
  • Your Friend, the Compiler
  • Function and Procedure Names
  • Variable Names
Notes on Formatting Style
  • Indentation
  • Braces
  • Spacing
  • Comments
  • Function declarations
Cute Tricks in C
  • Powers of Two
  • Unrolling Small Loops
  • Unrolling Bigger Loops
  • Counting Bits
Random Essays on Programming
  • Meaningless Variable Names Considered Useful
  • GOTOs Considered Useful
  • On Programming Testing

Original: July 7th, 1994
Last Updated: November 22nd, 1994

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