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Road Trip

Day 13

Jennifer Alden (Monday, January 22, 2001)

We went back to Cafe du Monde for more coffee and beignets, browsed through the French Market and the Flea Market, shopped for souvenirs, packed up the car, and headed towards Mississippi.

Jennifer had watched one too many movies about the south and was a little nervous about being an interracial couple driving through Mississippi in a car with California licence plates. But we felt brave that morning (Mississippi welcomed us) and decided to take the smaller scenic byway 90 instead of I-10. Ironically, this took right through the Gulf Coast resorts, a string of mansions, casinos and tourist spots right on the waterfront that is probably the most ritzy part of the state.

Slightly inland, however, we did pass a few places that looked more like the sterotypes we'd expected (shacks and more shacks). We drove on through Biloxi (Mississippi) and Mobile (Alabama) and spent the night in Pensacola (Florida).

Pensacolas_future.jpg Shack.jpg Water_shacks_2.jpg Boat_Castle_casino.jpg Shark_head.jpg
Cafe_du_Monde_cropped.jpg Mississippi_border.jpg USS_Alabama.jpg French_Market_2.jpg


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