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 Wednesday, February 28, 2001

Working in England (Lawrence Kesteloot)
England categoryThis is our third day at work. We haven't updated the site because we don't yet have a computer at work -- we have to steal a few minutes a day on someone else's. Jennifer is going to be shipped off for a month to Derby (pronounced "Darby"), three hours north of here. We finally managed to get a bank account -- we'll write up that adventure next week. It snowed violently today but it was too warm to stick. We calculated last night that if we take all the vacations and weekend road trips that we plan to, we'll be away one day out of four this year. For dinner Tuesday we bravely ate beef.

 Friday, February 16, 2001

We're in Bristol! (Lawrence Kesteloot)
England categoryWe're sitting in an internet cafe in Bristol after a few hours of downtown shopping. We got into England without any troubles yesterday. We got our enormous luggage onto the plane without complaints and there wasn't even anyone at the customs desk. We got a free upgrade to a Mercedes, and we made it safely to the hotel despite the mirror driving world this country lives in. Bangers for breakfast. We'll spend the next week looking for housing and a car and then we start working. We miss everyone already. God Save the Queen.

 Monday, November 27, 2000

We're Going to England! (Lawrence Kesteloot)
England categoryWe've accepted jobs in England, in the city of Bristol, starting late February 2001. We'll spend one to two years there, relaxing and visiting Europe. See the full story.


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