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Day 16

Lawrence Kesteloot (Thursday, January 25, 2001)

We went to the courthouse where Marjorie spends most of her mornings. She's a court advocate who assists battered women who can't afford an attorney. She can't speak in court since she doesn't have a law license, but she talks to the victims before their hearings to help them understand their rights and stands beside them while the cases are being heard. We sat while about a dozen couples negotiated injunctions that stopped the husband from contacting the wife (and variations thereof). (Picture with the bailiff!)

We had just finished saying that our stomachs would be in knots if we were sitting here waiting for our names to be called when the judge called out for Jennifer Lawrence, the manager of a store who wanted an injunction against an ex-employee.

We then went to Hubbard House, a place where women who are in lethal danger from batterers can stay for up to six weeks. Marjorie showed us around. She's universally loved. We unfortunately can't say much about this place since all of the information about it is confidential. We can only say that we're sad that women need such a place, but if they do, that we can't imagine a better place for them to go.

We had lunch with Marjorie while she told us the stories behind some of the cases we had heard that morning.

Marjorie went back to work and we went to visit Jennifer's Aunt Dot and Uncle Oliver. They're really her great aunt and uncle, and they've lived in their house for 41 years. They showed us pictures of their parents and of Jennifer when she was young and lived with Marjorie. We had a great time listening to stories of the places they had visited in their extensive world travels.

We then went to the store "Natural Wonders" to spoil our nephew with science toys. He already has a lab with a microscope and everything. If you know where we can get a white lab coat for a six year old, let us know.

(Oh, and the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come.)

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