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Day 6

Lawrence Kesteloot (Monday, January 15, 2001)

We woke up at the Laughing Horse Inn. We had come to Taos to visit our friend Matt Newsum, but he wasn't going to be in town for another couple of days. At the recommendation of our friend Alex, we stayed at the Laughing Horse for two nights.

Their website promised a mellow place to relax and unwind, and we weren't disappointed. It's an old adobe style building that is sort of a cross between a hotel and a hostel, with ten rooms sharing three bathrooms plus a community kitchen and living area. The main section of the inn is over 100 years old, and you can tell that the architecture has grown organically over time. Each room has a unique "feature" - one had a private sink, one had a dry sauna, etc. We were happy that ours had a little fireplace. Breakfast is included with the cost of the room, and food at other times is available on the honor system - take what you want from the fridge and replace it or write it down and they'll charge you for it later.

We wanted to spend a couple of days just relaxing, but decided to go into Taos the first day to check it out. There isn't much to the town - the main plaza area, like Santa Fe, is pretty touristy and loaded with bad art galleries. There was one great mineral and fossil store that had a lot of incredible specimens, and we stayed there for quite a while. (Cool pictures of an icicle and a door.)

At the advice of the innkeeper, we drove out of town to the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, which was well worth the drive. You can walk out onto the bridge and look down onto the Rio Grande river, or out onto the gorge, which is the second longest one in North America, after the Grande Canyon. Trucks going across the bridge set up vibrations that lasted a while after they had left. The Rio Grande was pretty low at the bridge -- it goes on to seperate Texas from Mexico before emptying into the Gulf of Mexico.

Laughing Horse kitchen 1.jpg Turquoise door.jpg Icicle.jpg Gorge Bridge.jpg Lawrence by fire.jpg
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