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Road Trip

Days 17 to 20

Jennifer Alden (Monday, January 29, 2001)

We said goodbye to Marjorie and drove down to Orlando to spend the next few days in Disneyworld! Our friends Tammy and Terry were there with Tammy's parents (Dennis and Sheila), Tammy's brother Ryan, and his girlfriend Amy. We stayed with them at Disney's Boardwalk, a beautiful resort (with a fun waterslide).

We visited all four of the major parks at Disneyworld: MGM Studios, the Animal Kingdom, Epcot Center, and the Magic Kingdom.

One of the most fun parts of MGM Studios was the Rockin' Roller Coaster, on which you are accelerated from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds. There was a great special effects show based on the Indiana Jones movies and a behind-the-scenes tour (scene from the costume department).

The Animal Kingdom was really impressive. They had a great bat exhibit, face-to-face encounters with tigers, and a safari ride where we saw (among other things) some crocodiles and a crazy-ass pig-anteater-panda-thing.

At the World Showcase in Epcot Center, we went through miniature versions of ten countries, shopping and eating our way around the globe in about five hours (Jen in Italy). Tammy had us all up and out the door before the park even opened (us alone at the front gate).

The Magic Kingdom is essentially a replica of Disneyland in California. We spent our time there riding the classic roller coasters (Thunder Mountain)and goofing around with the characters.

(Jen and Dennis with wigs.)

LK_tigers_3.jpg Thunder_Mountain.jpg Jen_and_Dennis.jpg Rockin_coaster_cropped.jpg Crocodiles_1.jpg
LK_Smee_Jen_and_Hook_2.jpg Crazy_ass_pig_anteater_panda_1.jpg Costume_dept_2.jpg Bats_1.jpg First_in_line_1.jpg
Tam_and_Terry.jpg Horse_chandelier.jpg Waterslide.jpg Jen_in_Italy_1.jpg


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