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Fashion Disaster Party This Saturday at Jennifer's

Jennifer Alden (Wednesday, August 30, 2000)

It's even hard for us to believe, but the long awaited Fashion Disaster Party will be held this Friday at our apartment at 1624 Sacramento Street, apt. #3, SF--8:00 pm (415-921-8549).

We realize that many of you will be out of town this weekend but we hope that all of you who will be in town will come to the party donning the best (worst?) fashion disaster that you can pull together on such short notice. Don't fret if you have no time to shop for disastrous attire--we will have accessories on hand certain to make even the hippest outfits disastrous (please feel free bring your own items to contribute to the "accessory bag"). Please be warned though that if you come without an outfit that rivals the likes of your high school prom duds, you may be required to pick AND WEAR an item from our accessory bag (e.g. Olivia Newton John style head band and matching wrist bands; fake mustachios for the guys and even for girls if your outfit attempts are truly abysmal; berets -- we may even pencil your name on it--for example "Rusty"; Jen's wig; a Rats of Nimh jacket made out of shiny material; and much, much more....)

What's a fashion disaster, you ask? Fashion Disasters include, but are not limited to the likes of:

  • leftover bridesmaid's dresses,
  • anything you wore in the 80s,
  • leg warmers,
  • probably whatever you wore to your prom,
  • socks and pumps,
  • stripes and plaids,
  • dark knee-highs and shorts,
  • mullets (a.k.a. hockey cuts),
  • Underoos
Remember, it's not "small fashion problem", it's "fashion disaster" so show us your worst! We'll have a prize for the best disaster - extra points may be awarded if your disaster is something you've actually worn in public (proof by way of picture helps)

We hope to see you all there! All are invited so please invite friends or anyone that we have forgotten to email-- the more people that are there, the less embarrassing for all of us....

Jen and Sue


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