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We're Going to England!

Lawrence Kesteloot (Monday, November 27, 2000)

We've quit our jobs in Silicon Valley and are headed off to spend two years working in England. We want to travel throughout Europe and the Middle East for a while before settling down, and have decided that the best way to do that is to work in England, where we can take frequent trips to local countries. Also, much of my (Lawrence's) family lives in France and Belgium, and this will give us plenty of opportunities to see them. We'll be working in Bristol, a town about 100 miles west of London, near the city of Bath.

We'll work here through the end of December, put our belongings in a storage locker, and drive across the country. We'll get to Virginia, where my parents live, in late January, spend two weeks there for my 30th birthday, then head off to England for our late-February starting date.

We've got jobs doing web development. The salary is low, but the benefits are good -- 37-hour workweeks, 27 days of vacation per year, occasionally being able to work at home, and possibly living in the beautiful town of Bath.

We'll be documenting our trip across the country here, posting updates and pictures while on the road. We'll also document our vacations and trips in Europe. Sign up as a member if you want to get an email when we add a new story.


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