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Lawrence Kesteloot (Sunday, August 10, 2003)

After a long search in January 2002, we were very lucky to be invited to use the garden of our friends Dennis and Sheila, the parents of the maid of honor, Tammy. Their house was perfect: in the Central Valley (no rain in August), large enough to hold the 80 or so expected guests, intimate and personal, and cheap! We have no idea what we'd have done without them, we had found no other place even close.

Jennifer came up with a plan to convert their back yard into a more magical setting, and spent several weekends with the tremendous help of Tammy's family hanging muslin and Christmas lights. The rehearsal dinner was Friday August 9th at a local hotel. The next morning we went through the actual rehearsal and held the ceremony and reception in the afternoon. There's not much to say, it was a fantastic weekend. Many people say that your wedding is just a blur, but I remember all of it and had a great time. Thanks to all the people who helped putting it together. It was beautiful.

Sunday we had a nice breakfast with those who had stuck around, then went to Santa Cruz in the "just marred" mobile for a few days to unwind. Here are some more pictures: Tammy's dog, Jennifer's bother and father, the table settings, and Jennifer and I.

table_02.jpg PA13441266981.jpg pict0258.jpg pict0268.jpg PA13441266645.JPG
dcp_5293.jpg PA13441266603.JPG PA13441266643.JPG pict0255.jpg PA13441266664.JPG
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