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 Sunday, August 10, 2003

Our Wedding (Lawrence Kesteloot)
Engagement category

Today is the one-year anniversary of our wedding. It's a good opportunity to write up what I remember of it.

 Sunday, November 19, 2000

Lawrence and Jennifer are Engaged (Jennifer Alden)
Engagement categoryOn our last full day in Hawaii, Lawrence and I took a drive to the other side of the big island. Kona, where we spent most of the week, is on the "dry" side of the island, characterized by a lot of black rock leftover from volcanic eruptions. We decided we'd like to take a look at the "wet" side, which was supposed to be much more rainforest-like. We weren't disappointed. We drove for a couple of hours to Akaka Falls State Park, full of intense jungle foliage and two huge watefalls (100 and 450 feet). There, Lawrence chose a quiet spot on the path to profess his love and ask me to marry him. I said yes (make that "YES!"). It was one of the fullest and happiest moments of my life. This picture was taken about one minute after he proposed - my face still hurts from smiling.


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